Ramses II Deluxe Slot Online

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The Ramses II Deluxe Icons

The artifacts of antiquity, the strict gods, the splendor of the gold gem-incrusted jewels such are the items you will meet in this casino game for free. But, the road to the victory is steeped in a curse, which endangers everyone, who is eager to get insight the tomb of the pharaoh. Only you self-esteem and the luck can cope with it.

The Secret of the Screech Beetle

This beetle is the most honored symbol of the ancient Egypt, which is connected with the god of sun – Ra, which became the symbol of the rebirth. In this casino game the beetle conveys hope for the big win as three such images bring additional spins free of charge.  The price of any winning pattern within this mode is tripled.

The Doubling Risk Activity

The alternative to the supplementary spinning, which lets you win some impressive earnings in the online game is the risk activity, which allows you to double the bet. To get the access to it some awarded prize is needed.

Play for high stakes with this casino slot to get your unbelievable win!