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King of Cards
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What are the important details about King of Cards?

Before any winning set occurs, the player needs to cope with the arrangements (there are few of them: the determination of lines you are going to use, the bet you are intended to implement and the credit value). After this use the Start push and get a charge out of the performance.

In the course of the game, you’ll notice the icons of various kind, forming the awarded patterns. Some of the symbols have specific functions. They are the Scatter and the Wild sign. The Scatter is the Chips Set, it supplies the extra spinning procedure when three or more of them are noticed on the screen, the positions of these icons are of no importance for the winning set composition. The Wild sign is the Joker. It is able to let you form many prized sets due to his function of the pictograms’ substitution. The common group of pictograms is formed mainly by the various card signs (letters and numbers), their value is noted in the table, press the Info button to learn more.

The additional gaming methods are…

The traditional guess of the card color will serve to make the earnings for the current spin two times as big. The effective try prolongs the activity and awards the bet doubling, while the wrong answer nullifies the win.

3 (4 or 5) Chips act as a signal of the extra spinning start. During this gaming mode you’ll have fifteen optional procedures of this kind (each of the wins will be multiplied by three) in this online slot created by Novomatic company.