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The Jungle Jim Free Slot Machine Design

As the plot of the game is connected with the past epoch, the style of the casino slot corresponds to the style of the strip cartoons of that time, when the topic of the exotic jungle land was on charts. The colorful design is realized in the shades of yellow and green. The comic and light presentation of the performance makes the gambling process very pleasant, inspiring the gamer.

The Jungle Pictograms

All the possible jungle inhabitants and the most important attributes of the real traveler (the strong and cute gorilla, the snake, the parrot, the palms, the banana, the coconut, the knife, the sacks full of coins, the compass and the binoculars) are represented in this online slot. They discharge the duties of the so-called pictograms. When uniting, the equal units are paid for. The price of each one depends on the quality and the quantity of the pictograms in a set, to learn the detailed information as for this matter address to the pay table.

If you are eager to get some ambitious prize, this free slot is for you. Our smart and brave hero, who can find the way out of any situation will tell you secret approaches of making your way to the top. Play this online game now to get there soon!