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Once fine day a bright and cute but poor boy, named Jack, went to vend the cow at mother’s dictation. He took five beans for the cow. You would say, that it is  nonsense to sell a good dairy cow at the price of 5 beans. So, you are of the same view as his mother, who said exactly such words before throwing them in the yard. But those beans were not quite ordinary, that is why the story continued. The point is that from that day in the life of their family the real miracles started to happen. Let the magic in your life and you will earn the fairy incomes in the best free online slot!

The Fairy Income Composition

The cost of each awarded prize is indicated in the specialized table. You may also click on any symbol in the course of the game to look at the mini-table of prices for the concrete pictogram.

The Wild pictogram carries out the duties of all the represented icons. The Scatter and the keys are exceptions. The Trunk (the Scatter pictogram) adds ten spare spins to the gaming procedure, and if during this procedure the trunks appear again, 5 more chargeless spins are given.

The Magic Spare Spinning

When in the process of spare spinning you catch the gold keys on the fifth reel some supplementary functions of the Wild pictograms open:

  •  Catch 3 images of the key and the Walking Wild pictograms will turn to the Stacked Wild  with 2 pictograms of the sack.
  •  Notice 6 pictograms of the key and the Walking Wild will transform into Stacked one with 3 gold chicken.
  • Take 9 icons of key and the Waking Wild will become the Expanding one with the pictogram of the harp.

This free casino fun does not offer any bonus round or jackpot. But very few online casino slots can boast of such generous payoffs, play the best advantageous casino game!

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