Gladiator Slot Online

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Enter the Colosseum in ancient Rome and fight for combos and prizes!

Gladiator is an awesome slot game available through online casino vip that takes inspiration from the epic film of the same name starring Russel Crowe and Oliver Reed. Although Maximus does not make an appearance, other characters can be matched including Proximo, Proximo, Senator Gracchus and Gladiator Juba.

This slot game has Roman theming throughout and uses various different Roman references and game mechanisms such as a Colosseum and Gladiator bonus, and even short animated clips from the film! Developed by Playtech, this is one of the best movie-themed slots available and is fun to play; furthermore, you can also win big with the variety of jackpots and themed bonuses.

Gladiator slots features five different reels and a total of 15 different slot tokens displayed at any one time, it also has 25 different line combinations. You can select the number of line combinations you wish to bet against down the left and right-hand side of the game and the bet value changes to suit.

Game features

The game revolves around matching different symbols or images together – there are letters of the alphabet – A through to Z, numbers from 0-9 and also 5 different character photos from the Gladiator film – these characters are Commodus, Proximo, Gracchus, Juba and Lucilla. Commodus provides the biggest reward (5000 for 5x photos), then Lucilla (1000 for 5x photos), followed by Gracchus (350 for 5x photos), and finally Juba and Proximo (250 for 5x photos). The full reward list can be seen below:

Characters: prizes ranging from 20 up to 5000 for matching between 3-5 of the same
Letters: prizes ranging from 10 up to 200 for matching between 3-5 of the same
Numbers: prizes ranging from 8 up to 75 for matching between 3-5 of the same

The game mechanism itself is simple – you can autoplay if you wish and set the number of spins, or you can spin each time manually. The betting increments range from 0.01 up to a maximum of 10.00 per line. The number of lines selected, cost per line bet and total bet cost are all displayed clearly, as are the winnings on the right-hand side. Aside from the above characters, numbers and letters, the game also features two awesome bonus mechanisms – Colosseum Bonus and Gladiator Bonus.

Game bonus mechanisms & gamble feature

Colosseum Bonus – three or more colosseum scatter symbols triggers the Colosseum bonus. Once the bonus is triggered you move to a new screen and must pick stones working from the bottom upwards. Underneath each stone is a prize and the prize varies depending on which row you select from. Possible prizes include free games, free game win multipliers, extra scatter symbols and extra wild symbols.

Gladiator Bonus – three or more gladiator’s helmet symbols triggers the Gladiator bonus. The helmets can only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4. The game then randomly picks 9x helmets of different colors – each of which has a different value. Bronze = 25, Silver = 75 and Gold = 125. The winnings are added up and added to your score!

Gamble Feature – Finally there is also a gambling feature. You can choose to gamble your winnings on a game of card chance – you must pick either red or black as the next card that will appear based on the previous card that has been drawn. If you win, you receive increased winnings.

Why should you play this Roman themed slot game?

Gladiator is certainly one of the better slot games available today. The graphics and gameplay is smooth, and the film inspired theming is fantastic. You can really immerse yourself in ancient Rome and have fun watching characters act out certain scenes from the film. Furthermore, the mechanisms, large number of available potential lines, and the exciting bonus features are fun to play and give you a great variety of options to win big. Finally, the layout and design of Gladiator slots is intuitive, easy to pick up and straightforward to play.

If you want to have fun and win big by playing a movie-themed slot game then Gladiator is the number one option for you! Don’t forget that our casino has one of the biggest libraries of 3d slot machines and roulette online available – Gladiator is just one of the many varieties of themed slot games that you can play. Why not check out what other awesome slot games we have where you could potentially hit the jackpot?

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