Gemstone Jackpot Slot Online

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Gemstone Jackpot is one of the most played games due to the 5-reeled slots and available. Anyone can play the slot game by betting from 40, 1,000 credits/spin. Gemstone has a colourful theme and vibrant stones that allows players to get experience. Visuals of gemstones on the reels allow the user to get a great experience. In general, online slots developed by the most experienced leading developers. Internet casinos in Canada is an ideal place for accessing Gemstone jackpot games with special bonus options.

Gemstone Jackpot

Gemstone Jackpot also offers the certain chance of winning even it is also flowered with precious and shiny gemstone. On the other hand, it features colourful gems, and it is also taken over the reels even shine seductively. First of all, CasinoOnlineCA also comes with special features which are also called Lock as well as Spin Bonus makes players happy. However, it is something extraordinary, so it is better to read the tips and reviews to unlock all the secrets.

Gemstone Jackpot features in a number of alluring colours. In this game the new gemstones take place. It includes precious gems that also reflect the light in a flawless manner. Most importantly, Gemstone Jackpot is widely played by all age groups of people; even it is suitable for new and professional gamblers. This game is also completely based on luck factor.

The symbols are considered as a highly rewarding option, in order to strike a payoff, it is also important to hit identical icons, most importantly thee icons should generate a continuous chain. It is mainly starting from left to right. When symbols are used here then images of gemstones in varying colors. Especially these games are features 7 kinds of symbols, without scatters and any wilds.

The uniqueness of Gemstone Jackpot:

Gemstone Jackpot features a lock and Spin button; it is an extraordinary function that also gets triggered off. This game is completely free for the gaming enthusiast. It comes with new combinations as well as features, thus, brings the best gaming experience. In general, the Gemstone jackpot allows you to make a huge win. Even plenty of ways are available to win, as well as you can also an enjoyable experience.

First of all, this game features precious colorful stones, and it is the perfect decoration for an object present in the game as well as this also makes it look wonderful. Even you can enjoy the Gemstone Jackpot. Usually, the Novomatic 5-reel, 10-pay line slot provides aesthetic pleasure. Overall, this game offers a lot of jackpot options.

Novomatic free slots online allow both new players and professionals to get ultimate fun. It also features well-known symbols. The Gemstone Jackpot does not include Wild or Scatter symbols, but this game also benefits from the Diamond icon. Lucky fans have the ability to get ultimate jackpots. It also doubles your wins. In the Gemstone Jackpot, players also see green, blue, orange, red, yellow, violet gems.


Novomatic released Jackpot games that come with a lot of special options that also comes with the bonus and special offers, and this also improves the ways to ensure the wins.  The game offers great possibilities to get more jackpots and is completely free. No need for registration or software download. You can easily favourite slot games from the comfort of your home. Apart from that, this allows you to experience wonder.

  • Easy to play interface
  • Convenient control panel
  • Alluring Lock as well as Spin feature
  • Offers payouts

Gemstone Jackpot slot feature triggers the spin bonus, as well as this, also comes with special symbols of the combinations. The rest of the reels also start spinning for free. Most importantly, the result of a bonus combination completely triggers the next re-spin. Overall, free spins also continue still the new prize-winning combinations fall.

In general, the Jackpot Gems is fun as well as comes with the refreshing combo so you will get a great experience while playing it. When it comes to playing games, you must take the online reviews as well as read tips. With the help of this, you can easily get the benefits of combos. This game offers big gem jackpots for extra bonuses as well as you can also get huge wins.

Jackpot Gems is the most interesting game, and it is also intended for an adult audience. Overall, this game offers a great opportunity to win real money or prizes so you can get a great experience.