Fruit Cocktail

play for a real money

The cocktails are the best companions in any funny leisure, adventures and entertainment. This idea must have come to the mind of the creators of this free casino gaming machine for them to realize it in such a bright solution. The vitaminized and juicy, fright and refreshing, exhilarant and natural fruit gambling cocktail now is at your disposal. Any time! This fresh idea has found its adherers all around the world very soon (all those perfect graphics and the high winning rates played very important role, as the gamblers confessed). The Igrosoft is constantly impressing the gaming audience by its products, but this time they seem to manage to surpass oneself, such is this free online video game.

The Ingredients and Their Price

The main ingredients of this free slot are the fruits and berries (there are only seven of them). To call the occurred set a winning one it should consist of three, four or five images of equal quality and be situated on the same line of payouts. The chain of the equal symbols should not be interrupted by any other symbol. The more images form the set, the higher is the award for it. You will get the highest price for the combinations consisting of the images with the cocktail in this casino game, the lowest – for the cherries’ sets (but even two of them are enough for you to get the award).

The Alternative Gambling Recipes

Having got some win, you have the right to double it. The choice of the senior  card, than that of your adversary will allow to get the described benefit. That is the first alternative.

The second one starts even when the images, offering the entrance to it (the strawberries) occur in different lines.


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