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The Elementals are the representatives of four elements (water, fire, ground, air)., which according to the legends and various esoteric sciences have emerged on  Earth much earlier than the mankind. Besides the described signs, you will see the images of different fruit and berries. Among them there are lemons, cherries, oranges, watermelons, plums, etc. The graphics look like the illustrations of the comic magazine and that allows feeling the great variety of pleasant emotions. The win is provided by the winning set occurrence (consisting of two or more equal elements). Learn the table of payoffs for details as for this concern.

The maximum prize is offered by the Wild image (the word “Wild”), it comprises 5000 credits. This icon has a specific power – to complete the half-formed sets.

The Scatter icon is offering the additory spins (the blue streak of lightning).

Having got the win for the spin you will notice the option Gamble button on the screen. It invites to the risk try to multiply the earned by two. You need only to foresee the color of the downturned card, failing which you will lose the whole win. But your nice try will award you with a double win. This option can be repeated.