Crazy 80s

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Have you ever considered gambling online? Lots of people from all around the world enjoy such activities during their leisure time, and they all agree on one thing. Slots are the best when it comes to learning the basics of any casino game. Many casino online sites offer them, and the variety available is just incredible. One of the most amazing, popular options is the funky, colorful Crazy 80s. You need to give it a try as it is among the best we’ve seen. Before you play though, it’s vital that you become familiar with different aspects of the game, which will be available in this post.


There are many buttons in this slot machine, and you will have to become familiar with them to carry out your moves. Thus, depending on what you wish to do in Crazy 80s, here are the buttons you’ll need:

  • Plus and Minus (-/+): this option is the first one you’ll have to take into account because it will define the value of your credits/coins, which you’ll later use to place your wager.
  • Select lines: after you’ve selected your coin size, it’s necessary that you pick the number of credits per line and the total lines you wish to play with. You’ll be able to select from a range of numbers provided by the game.
  • Spin: click on this option, and you’ll start a regular game round.
  • Autoplay: if you wish to play without interruption, then this is the button you should click. It’ll allow you to play multiple times without interruption.
  • Bet max.: love taking risks? Then it’s crucial that you acknowledge the fact that this button allows you to place the most significant wager possible.
  • Expert: no need to explain it, click on it if you’re an expert and enjoy the extra challenge.


Symbols are crucial when you begin a game of any cards as they will determine how big your final payout will be. It is essential that you understand how the different icons work and what they’re worth if you want to win the biggest prize possible. In Crazy 80s, these are the different symbols that you will encounter:

  • The boom box
  • The long-playing record
  • Edgy jewelry and makeup, and many other funky ones

Once you become familiar with them, it’s crucial that you can differentiate their values. In Crazy 80s, both the boom box and the long-playing record hold the highest payouts, but the other icons are just as essential. Start playing today and see for yourself!


If there’s one thing that players are always on the lookout for, it’s unusual bonuses and unique features. Why? Because they influence the way, people enjoy their online experience. In the case of Crazy 80s, it’s safe to say that you will have access to many, including the following:

Welcome bonuses: This one all player’s favor because they come in cash rewards. When you begin engaging with a casino site, you will receive a welcome gift that’ll help you set a higher wager. It’ll either be a determined amount, or a percentage added to your bet that is dependent on your initial deposit.
Free spins: slots make use of free spins because players enjoy spinning the reels without putting their money at risk. The best part is, you usually receive lots of free spins upon landing on a determined combination. Read well into the game’s rules, and you’ll see there are a lot of opportunities.
Double ups: this feature is also based on determined combinations that players will encounter throughout their online experience. They simply help them either double their winnings or double their initial bet.
Bonus games: these are a plus and the fact that slots like Crazy 80s have it make it even more special. When you land on an established combination, you might open access to secret parts of the game where you could win lots and lots of fabulous prizes.


After testing many sites online and evaluating their overall service, quality, features and other aspects. We have concluded that Casino Online is the best option if you’re looking for a one of a kind experience on the web. This platform offers a broad assortment of games that you will never get tired of. It also has fantastic benefits and welcome bonuses that are very generous and regular if played well.

Regarding the slots, we have verified that Crazy 80s has it all. It offers its players a comfortable, full of ambiance site that has a lot of subtle effects. The sound quality will make them feel like they’re in another world. Therefore, if you think about it, that’s an excellent way to fall in love with a game as it offers fantastic bonuses and is very easy to understand. Spin the reels today and see for yourself! You will not regret making this call.