Columbus Deluxe play online

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The renewed version of this very well known free inline casino slot is a true gift to slot admirers, prepared by the Novomatic Germinator. It opens a new realm, where you are sure to get acquainted with the famous discoverer. If you have never been to the exotic islands, you should use this chance to get the richest impression ever playing Columbus Deluxe.

How to get the gain?

Most of symbols are card images, which happen often but do not lead to significant wins, but five queen portraits earn you 1000 credits. Five necklace or sextant images add 250 and 500 credits correspondingly. Columbus is the Wild symbol and due to this fact he can cope with the duties of any other sign, thus, constructing the awarding unit and raising your chances for the win. Five portraits of the great explorer guarantee your bet multiplication by 5000.

The Scatter in this online casino slot is the ship, and if ten of them appeared on the screen you are lucky.  Celebrate, for you are offered 10 more free bonus spins this time. After each successful spin, you may take a risk in doubling round, just push the Bet key and define the correct card color of the two possible variants and you’ll get your win being doubled.

Why should the gamer get interested in Columbus Deluxe?

Easy rules, amazing design, and generous payouts – these are the reasons why this free online casino slot is popular. You don’t have to be an experienced gambler to gain a victory in Columbus Deluxe. It is a true pleasure to make profits with it!

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