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Machine slots have accumulated a lot of popularity over the past years because of how easy they are to use and play. Blood Suckers is one of the many slot machines that’s being played by thousands of players around the world. This vampire-themed, 25-payline, NetEnt provider powered game is available to you in almost any casino online. There are several variations, but the majority of them are technically the same in terms of performance and visual quality, so it doesn’t matter where you play it.


Free slots are simplistic and fairly easy to use. Their core objective is to land on a fixed combination to win huge prizes. Each mix has a payout, and the bigger the payout, the harder the combination is. The idea is simple and the execution is flawless. Each slot machine is designed in an ergonomic manner and it does not take a genius to make it work. This is everything you will need to keep in mind when playing Blood Suckers.


One thing that’s worth mentioning is that the graphics and design in this game are top quality. You’ll be immersed in a whole new world of possibilities. Heck, you’ll even feel the vampires surrounding you. Indeed, players from all around the globe prefer slots with a real feel, which is why we strongly recommend this one to you.


You will first have to set the credit size you wish to play with, as well as the number of pay lines. Next, you will have three options, which are the following:

Spin: this button will start the game immediately, meaning that the reels will begin to spin and all you’ll be left with is hoping that the landing combination rewards you. It sounds dull, but trust us, it can get intense.

Auto-play: by enabling this mode, you are asking the server to play multiple times without any interruptions. You should consider clicking this button if you’re on a winning streak.

Bet Max: this last option is for players who love a good risk. By clicking it, you place the maximum bet allowed by the game. The rewards that are won are worth the stress and nerves that come with it, so give it a try if you are confident.


Since this is a vampire-themed game, it’s obvious that the symbols you’ll find are related to them. Some of the icons that you’ll see the most include the undead bride, a vampire, a girl, garlic, a bible with a crucifix, a potion, and a vampire hunting weapon, among many others that’ll give you the creeps! Keep an eye out for them and acknowledge what the value of each is, and the different combinations you should achieve to win huge prizes, and you’ll become a pro in no time!


When players start looking for slots to engage with, they tend to look for options that provide them with lots of rewards and free prizes. Blood Suckers is a game that has many surprises for you without you even knowing it. These are some of the many rewards you’ll have access to:

Welcome bonuses: These are the type that people enjoy the most because they incentivize players to set higher wages. They come in the shape of cash rewards and even percentages off of the money you deposit in the beginning. Start taking full advantage of them starting today and see for yourself how awesome they are!

Double up features: Slots tend to have lots of secret and bonus games that are triggered when you land on a determined combination. It is easy to access them once you get accustom to it, and all you need is a little luck!

Free Spins: Ever wanted to spin the reels without putting your money at the risk of your odds? Blood Suckers lets you play the game using free spins. These spins mostly end with terrific outcomes. Thus there is no real reason not to try them.

Free cash prizes: These bonuses are granted when you land on a predefined combination. This one is technically self-explanatory; everyone enjoys a cash-based benefit and the rules are simple.


If you’re a slot lover, then you should consider giving Blood Suckers a try. This machine will provide you with lots of incredible rewards. If you’ve never played it, let us tell you that once you do, you won’t want to play anything else. This vampire-themed machine is simple to understand, and easy to win, making it a good choice for people that did not have any kind of experience in gambling.