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Slots have been people’s favorite source of fun in online casinos due to how simple and fun they can be. There are too many to pick from, and when people want to start engaging with a casino online, they’re hoping to pick the best one. If that’s your case, then you should consider playing Avalon. This slot is very popular online and has a lot to offer its clients, which is why it is strongly recommended that you play. Hopefully, the odds are in your favor and you end up making a lot of money!

Rules Of The Game

Before you begin to play, it is important that you fully comprehend the rules of the game. Lucky for you, Avalon is very simple and the rules aren’t too many. This Microgaming-powered option is a 20-pay line slot that’s waiting for you to take over! It comes with a set of wild cards and a scatter; the former comes in the shape of an Avalon and a treasure chest, and the latter can be found in the shape of the Lady Of The Lake. The game comes with a medieval theme, and the graphics with definition are magnificent, meaning that you will have an amazing time. Isn’t that awesome?

Again, and before you start to play, you’re going to have to determine your credit size, which can be selected from a wide range of options. Once you’ve chosen that, you’ll need to select the amount of credits that you wish to bet per line. Next thing you’ll have to do is select the number of lines you feel like playing with, and then it’s all history. Once you have all of that ready, it’s a matter of understanding the different buttons available and also understanding when to click on each.


There are not many buttons that you’ll need to be familiar with, as Avalon is very simple and concise. The buttons every user will see are the following:

• +/-: this is the button that helps you adjust the credit size.
• Lines: select the amount of lines you are looking to play with.
• Credits: pick the number of credits (with the size you previously selected) that you need to place your bet.
• Spin: when you click this button, the reels will start to spin and you’ll have to start wishing that the odds are on your side.
• Autoplay: if you aspire to play without being interrupted, you should select this option. It will let you play non-stop. Isn’t that amazing?
• Bet max: when you pick this choice, the maximum bet will carry itself out.
• Gamble: this button starts the gamble round! The adrenaline rush suddenly starts moving through your veins.
• Collect: this is the part that’s the most fun; collecting your winnings and seeing the fruits of your dedication.


When people are choosing to engage with a game online, bonuses are crucial. Why? The answer is simple; bonuses motivate players to set higher wagers, and they also make users increase their chances of winning and help build a better experience. Fortunately, Avalon offers everyone a set of bonuses that make the game even more appealing. Even when this slot does not come with any bonus games that could win you extra points, it does provide users with free spins, which are incredible.

By using said free spins, users can test their luck several more times without putting their own money at risk… and with very strong chances of winning the grand prize. These bonuses come out when there are 3, 4 or 5 Lady Of The Lake symbols in the reels. Hopefully, it’ll happen to you, and you’ll get to live this opportunity.

Start Playing Today!

Avalon is one of those slot games that you need to try if you enjoy online casino platforms. There are far too many things in store for you, and if you decide to start engaging online, you could take advantage of all that’s available to you. It’s obvious that you need to understand how this slot game works before actually playing, which is why now that you acknowledge its rules, special features, bonuses and other important aspects, you’re all set to start playing. Isn’t that awesome?

If you want to do something different with your free time, and are looking for entertaining and productive activities that could distract you and keep you wanting more, then it’s strongly advised that you give Avalon a shot! If you test the waters and the odds are in your favor, you could end up winning amazing prizes! Wouldn’t you like that? After testing lots of websites, we can conclude that Casino Online has the widest offer when it comes to games, and Avalon is one of the many options you can pick from. Don’t think it twice and give this game a try! You won’t regret making this call.

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