5 Reel Drive

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Playing games is such a fun activity to engage in. It’s one that relieves your stress and helps you enjoy yourself in the best way possible, which is why everyone loves doing it. People have even looked for fun on the Internet… and the good thing is… they have found it! If you take the time to look online, you’ll find that adults from all around the world are engaging with casino online websites… and they’re playing slots. It’s a matter of picking the games now! Slots? There are a million kinds out there; think about all of the fun that you will have access to when you start navigating!

When we started looking online, we ran into a game called 5 Reel Drive, and we decided to give it a try without even knowing what was in store for us. Considering that this is a slot, it’s safe to say that you’ll be satisfied in no time! People love playing slots, and this one won’t be the exception. The results we obtained were truly mesmerizing, and the experience we had was one of a kind. We would recommend this game to anyone who likes having a good time and taking risks as well.

After all, your love for slots will grow to be bigger than you thought! Give 5 Reel Drive a try and test your luck! Who knows what could happen? You’ll never know if you never try!


This game is very simple and requires no time at all to understand. Basically, you must keep in mind that the “+” and “-“ are there for you to adjust the bet you wish to play with. This is a slot, meaning that you’ll need to select the number of paylines you want to include. Then you’ll see the following buttons:

• Spin: once you’ve set your wager, click this button and you’ll be able to spin the reels and test your luck!
• Auto Play: this button will allow you to play several times without being interrupted; if you’re having a good time, why would you want to stop? Play in Auto mode and enjoy yourself even more!
• Bet Max: select the 9 paylines with this option and the reels will start spinning.


As in any slot, you engage with online, you’ll have access to a different list of symbols, depending on the game’s theme and many other factors. 5 Reel Drive is a car-themed slot, meaning that all you’ll see is animations that are related to that topic. These are the symbols you’ll need to understand:

  • Wild symbol, which will have a yellow road sign.
  • Scatter symbol, which will come in the shape of a police car.

Those are the only two symbols on this game, which isn’t hard to forget. Keep your mind on those. What are you waiting for? Start winning today! Have you ever imagined what would happen if you won the Jackpot? And to think it isn’t that hard! All you must do to win it is acquire 5 “Flaming Wheels” symbols on the active payline. The rewards are awesome! It’s 10 grand that we’re talking about… who can say no to that in all honesty?


If there was one thing we noticed in 5 Reel Drive, in particular, it’s that there are no bonuses available to the players. This worried us at first, because like any other player, we’d prefer to receive promotions and special prizes, but in reality, 5 Reel Drive is an enjoyable game that doesn’t really require all those bonuses. It’d be awesome if bonuses were included, but sadly, they aren’t. It shouldn’t keep you from playing, since the experience is cool and entertaining. You won’t regret it! You can still experience gaming at whole different levels… what are you waiting for?


After evaluating many games and many websites, it is very easy to conclude that 5 Reel Drive will provide you with the experience that you’re looking for. Even when casinoonline.ca offers a broad assortment of games like we’d never seen before, this one simply blew us away with how easy it was to play and to win! If you’re one of those people that are tired of having nothing to do in their free time, then we strongly suggest that you join an online casino website today.

The opportunities that you will have access to are simply too good to let go of, and you won’t have to worry about a thing because both your personal and financial information will be kept safe at all costs. Don’t think this twice! Next time you have nothing to do, play 5 Reel Drive and take the risk of your life! You could end up winning a lot of money… and who doesn’t like that? It’s your turn to test your odds!