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NYX Gaming is one of the leading providers of the gaming software that primarily specializes in online casinos, lotteries, and bingo. The product line of the company is diverse enough to satisfy the demands of any kind of player. Starting with slots and ending with online lottery simulators, NYX Gaming has lots of entertaining games to offer. This company has been around for 20 years, and over that period, they have gained the reputation of a reliable developer able to embark on almost any task.

Apart from developing their own product line, NYX gaming often acts as a contractor for other companies, providing them with software solutions. These software solutions, of course, are also related to the online gaming industry. NYX Gaming is neither small nor large company; they are somewhere in the middle between the moguls like 888 Gaming and small developers like Habanero. NYX Gaming is a fairly decent developer who focuses on the quantity and the quality alike so that most of their products are great.

Brief History

NYX Gaming was founded back in 1999 in Las Vegas as the developer of the software solutions for land-based casinos. The company has been working on building up a strong reputation among the clients, and soon enough, they have grown extremely popular. NYX Gaming started to develop their own product, and the very first games they have developed were Vegas’ all-time favorite slots. From that point on, they kept on developing new slot games flooding casinos with their product. If you’ve ever been to Vegas and played slots, chances are, you played some developed by NYX Gaming.

With online casinos growing popular, NYX has switched their attention to this market. They started cooperating with online casinos developing slots and other classic games. As much as most developers, NYX develops content for both English and Chinese-speaking audience. In the early 2000s, NYX started working on the development of the online lotteries and online bingo. As of now, NYX operates in 8 countries across Europe, Australia, and North America with more than 350 employees aboard.

Known For

Slots, naturally, constitute the core of NYX Gaming product line. These games are the easiest to produce, and it takes little time to make a new slot game, especially for such a powerful team. As a result, NYX Gaming is one of the leading developers of slots in countries where this kind of entertainment is legal. They have hundreds of slots to offer, and some of them are quite decent. One of the most popular lots they have is called the Glorious Empire. This one is especially good since it takes the players to the times of the Roman Empire and gets them to feel what it’s really like to be on top of the world. Jackpot Jester 50,000 is more of a classic slot that reminds of the times when slot machines have just emerged, and people were just getting a taste of this entertainment.

Luckily, we have more talk about than just slots. NYX Gaming also develops simulators of all the popular casino games players. NYX develops simulators for everything: poker, roulette, blackjack, and many more are available at their official website so that every casino lover can find something to taste. Unlike such companies as 888 Gaming, NYX does not host games; it only develops the software. This means that the company only gets its money out of selling the games to the hosts, which means that they have to either make these games really good or lose money.

Working of online lotteries, NYX Gaming has also developed a set of popular games such as Scratch the Hatch and Tic-Tac-Toe that allow the players to simply try their luck and go for the big win. These lotteries can be found on numerous gaming platforms online. We know that these games are not as popular as slots or poker, but there are people who want to try their luck just for fun.

Bingo simulator is the third main branch of NYX’s activities that are extremely popular these days. Interestingly, this game is most popular in Asia and North America with thousands of people participating in championships. Winning these championships pays out well, to say the least, so that people do love to play this game, especially when there is a good competition. NYX gaming provides just that, allowing people to play Bingo with numerous competitors online.

Guys at NYX Gaming have proven their professionalism numerous times, and while we can only appreciate the quality of the games they provide, the very fact that they have grown into a multinational company speaks for itself. This company has a notorious reputation within its market niche, which attracts more clients and provides, as well as better opportunities for selling their product. The players, in their turn, can enjoy the game and never bother about any glitches or other things that can sometimes spoil the experience.

Things to Consider

NYX Gaming is a reputable company with the world name, and we really do not know what more to say about them. They have been around since the very dawn of the online gaming, and they know that market really well. NYX Gaming is real veterans of that business, and there’s no denying that they are good at what they do. Some of the most well-known slots exist thanks to NYX Gaming only, and we are really thankful for their contribution to the word of online entertainment.


Since 1999, NYX Gaming has been carrying about its reputation the most. Reputation is the most important thing when you are in the entertainment business, and luckily, NYX Gaming knows it well. These guys have been delivering the games of the top-notch quality to the casinos around the world since the very beginning, and these guys alone have made a great deal of the classic slot games we all love to play. A good thing about NYX Gaming is that they focus on 3 major types of activities, which allows them to perform well and create the product of great quality in all three departments.