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One can truly call poker a classic. The main objective of getting into the competition is to win the bet by collecting the highest possible hand. Is it hard? Usually, the participant can reach this aim using four or five cards, or masterfully forcing (by bluffing, of course, about the greatness of your hand) other gamblers out of the game. There are two ways of playing this sort of entertainment with fully or partially closed cards. It has various versions, and thus, rules differ depending on each version.

Online poker

Online Poker is an electronic version of the cult game with the far-famed name and the resource supplies a wide mass of players with online poker rooms. The term appeared as a result of technological progress. It was the invention of the Web and the computer technologies that changed the situation cardinally. It is usually played when you download online and install on your computer the software offered by every poker room free of charge.

At the moment there is a huge online industry. In recent years this domain has developed tremendous pace doubling the number of players every six months. Recently, due to restrictions imposed by the United States, the growth has slowed down. However, the number of virtual poker rooms and players continues to increase the most rapid among the other card fun: Blackjack or Baccarat.

Perhaps the most important advantages engaging in a game online in such regime are speed and availability. The traditional version in comparison to the one played virtually is a bit slower but here the distribution takes super-fast, and there are no «overexposed» cards. Such are the pluses. Another advantage — the ability to play at multiple tables, and thus receive more activity for the same amount of playing time as when playing only one table. When engaging in this venture on the web, you can always find a game to suit all tastes. Try to ascertain. You cannot underestimate an opportunity of engaging in a one however long you desire, regardless of what the time is or where you’re currently located. Selection of species and types of poker is also very wide.

For starters, it offers a real luxury of learning, practicing from the comfort of home which is both convenient and exciting. When engaging in the game in online casino you can play at a much lower rate than while playing in a real casino. Start from $ 0.05 / $ 0.10 Limit Texas Hold’em. Studying the basic principles of the strategy in this play and participation in poker at micro-stakes online is the only real and relatively fast way to learn this craft.

Expert gamblers have an obvious economic advantage when choosing to play virtually. They can play 10-15 times more hands playing at multiple tables simultaneously, and the rake will be significantly smaller share in performances with higher limits. Equally important, you can narrow your search for the game in many ways, such as — relaxed style of play, no-limit Texas Hold’em (No-Limit Texas Hold’em) at the rate of $ 5 / $ 10. In addition, you do not have to go to smoke-filled poker- room with strong opponents.

online poker canadaOnline Poker vs. Casino Performance

Even though the game remains the same, the experience a player gets is still different:

Online poker fans cannot see each other. They have to forget about the psychological aspect of the game because they do not see the opponent and are not able to «read» by the external mimic gestures and behavior. Players have to be repelled only by statistics. Thus, increasing the mathematical component of the game. In addition, we can always evaluate the decision time and easily see as an opponent thinks before taking any decision.

Thus, those who choose to play without leaving their home are forced to rely on statistics and mathematics more than the visual perception of the opponent and the intuition. Therefore, the live version offers a huge selection of specialized programs. Some of them help to make the necessary mathematical calculations calculating the odds in accordance with the probability theory faster than the player can do it in mind. Others gather information about the player and the enemy analyzing plot, their own weaknesses, and those of the opponents.

The difference is also in time for such performance is more dynamic which offers more opportunities to gain quicker. the time that is spent on a single hand is much less than in real life. After all, the club dealer will need more time to mix and deal the cards, gamblers think longer and communicate longer with each other. While in the named above version, the decision-making is strictly limited from 20 to 30 seconds basing on the poker room you’re in. The cards are dealt automatically due to the deck mingling softwareplay poker online. As a result, an offline variant is played 2-3 times less than online.

There’s no limitation of tables in this online version and the player can engage in a game at more than one table whereas in the offline game it would look ridiculous. This increase revenues, although requires more rapid decision-making.

The online poker room offers a much wider range of proposals for different types of this fun than a real casino. Offline clubs are mostly open only several hours a day, depending on the room and offer a few tables where most play. There the tournaments are very rare. The selection of online games, limits, tournaments is much richer. You can choose from a dozen different fun for there are tables from 1 to 1 to a full and rich variety of tournaments, limits on couples cents to hundreds of dollars. Opponents can be found at any time of the day.

Safety and environment. Sitting at home the player is in his usual comfort and there is nothing to irritate or threaten its security while in the casino he will be in a potentially hostile environment.
It depends on you which way is best for you.

Advantages of Online Poker

Online version implies:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Wide selection
  • High-speed game
  • Playing at multiple tables
  • Lower rake
  • No one takes the «tea»
  • No travel expenses
  • Micro-stakes poker, and one-on-one (heads-up)


The great thing about this game is that in some ways you can play it for free. Freeroll may help for it has no tournament entry fee. Although, it should be noted that the «no entry fee» and «free» offers are not always the same.

In freerolls, unlike regular tournaments where the prize pool is created at the expense of the players involved, the prizes can be rooms, sponsors, television broadcasters, viewers, and so on. The usual aim of such tournaments is advertising. As a prize in freerolls, the participant can get money, things (books, accessories, and so on.), or the right to play in another tournament (freeroll satellites). Also, online rankings happen to be at one’s disposal.

As you know, both versions of the game are popular all over the world and Canada is not an exception. Many Canadians learn how to play from videos and online lessons which materials show different strategies and ways how to play the game. People get to know a lot of tips by doing this. In order to play the discussed version, you have to download some files, register, and you are good to go. There are lists of top websites for online poker. The player has a great variety to choose from.

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