Aces And Eights

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Poker is an activity that people have been engaging in for decades now. It’s so popular that people have created different variations of it depending on the country that it is being played in, which is why the rules aren’t static and tend to change at times. It’s a fun card game that makes people’s free time more fun, and that’s for sure. Are you tired of never having anything cool to do? There should be something out there to kill your boredom… and fortunately, there is! And what’s even better, it’s right around the corner!

Of course, you must be a person that likes adrenaline and taking risks. It’s all for a good cause though since you could end up winning a lot of money! Doesn’t it sound appealing? The solution to your problems is gambling… but since not everyone has a place nearby or the will to get in a car and go somewhere, you can engage with a casino online! For instance, a popular classic that users are starting to play, and if we’re leaning towards the poker area, is Aces And Eights… and who hasn’t heard of that?

If you’re a fan of that game, keep in mind that winning is very easy. Who doesn’t like an easy win? Don’t think about it too much and give it a try. Start enjoying all the fun and make your leisure time a more productive, awesome one.


This game is as old as time! People have been enjoying it since the late 1800s. Even your great, great, great grandparents enjoyed it in their free time! Of course, not online. Aces And Eights will tell you the story of Wild Bill Hickock, a legendary gunfighter, lawman, and legendary gambler that was killed while playing poker. Sad!

Still, when Mr. Hickock died, he was holding a pair of Aces and another of 8s in his hands! You may now start to understand the whole deal behind the name! That’s why this game is also known as the Dead Man’s Hand. Five cards are dealt for each player, and he/she will have the chance to build a strong hand throughout the rounds.


As in every card game, you must know that any hand that you may come up with represents the symbols. In the case of Aces And Eights, you will be able to find the standard poker hand symbols, but there’s an important tip that you must keep in mind at all times: this game offers very strong payouts on some uncommon symbols (hand ranks). Said symbols are the following:

  • Four of a kind: aces, or 8s.
  • Four of a kind: 7s.
  • Four of a kind: others.
  • Royal Flush.

If you aspire to be one of the best players out there, it’s advisable to consider it while playing. If you come up with these hands, test your luck and win the grand prize! Aren’t you excited?


If we can all be on the same page about something, is that players love bonuses. When selecting the casino that you want to engage in, you don’t only look at whether it is fully licensed or not; you also read its customer reviews and look for its limited time deals, promotions, and special bonuses. Don’t lie to us… we know.

Sadly, bonuses aren’t offered to you for this one. Still… we suggest that you still play it, because, it is too easy to understand and win, and you’ll always be able to find amazing deals on other games! Your experience online won’t be affected by it. When we played, we had an amazing time and even when there were no special promotions included, we still enjoyed our time playing this video poker.

If you are attracted to having fun, and fair games, we urge you to open your account and start playing this game today! You will enjoy it.


Winning in this game is pretty simple! It is a no-brainer. offers a broad assortment of fun to pick from, and your experience online will be one-of-a-kind. If you’ve never experienced the world of online gambling, it’s time that you consider giving it a shot. Why? Because your odds look awesome from where we stand. We already tested Aces And Eights, and we can tell you that the rewards that come from it are fantastic.

If you create an account on the platform, you will be able to play for as long as you want, and as many times as you can… and seriously… you’ll be extremely сaptured. What are you waiting for? After all, a little cash prize never hurt nobody!  Give Aces And Eights a try and see how much your spare time changes positively. You won’t regret making this call.