Will The Players From The Us Be Able To Gamble Online?

Online casino gambling is a bit of hot-potato-topic in the USA, especially after the US Supreme Court put the Federal ban on online betting in May 2018. Although some states like Nevada, New Jersey and Pennsylvania managed to pass the legislation and legalize online gambling, the majority of other states is reluctant when it comes to this kind of fun. When you compare Canada’s online gambling laws and the US, we can safely say that the southern neighbours are a bit conservative in these terms. Still, are things that bad?

What is happening with online casinos in the US?

Since the US Supreme Court had a lot of adjusting and setting up regarding the sports betting law, it is natural to conclude that they will engage in legalizing online casino gambling at some point in time. As the sports betting is now fully controlled and supervised, we can expect that the online casino gambling will come to the table to be a center of discussion. Still, as it the things look now, this is not going to happen in the near future.

In the past two years, less than 20 states have not been introduced to online gambling and its laws at all. While some states have already done the job and passed the legislature on this subject,  the remaining states are yet to be introduced to this. Some states’ legislation is at the pending status, as the legislation has to pass many stages before it comes to the final judgment. But in a nutshell – players from the US are still miles away from the legal online gambling, except in the case when they live in some of the states that approve this industry and tax it as any other form of industry.



While online gambling is booming in New Jersey, the players from other states will have to wait a little bit more. Still, when you consider the fact that this industry in New Jersey (only in the states that legally allow it) earns around $25 million per month, it is more than evident that the other states will have to start contemplating about the online gambling, sooner or later. As you know, gambling platforms are marked as “maligned” sectors in the gaming industry and the only solution to change things is to run some kind of public program, to raise the awareness and pass the message to the legislators who are responsible for making this kind of activity legal.

Technology can make things much safer

Technically, yes. As each registration process requires your geo-location, age and identity verification, there is almost no possibility to cheat the system. Under-age accounts are banned immediately after the administrators identify the user. Some players try to use VPNs to hide their location; this works sometimes but it does not take long before they find out.


Having in mind all this, we can say that today’s online gambling system is much more sophisticated than it was ten years ago. For that reason, the US states that do not admit online gambling as a legal act will have to eventually accept the legislature on this subject and provide players with the possibility for this type of entertainment.


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