So-Called Partnership Of Canadian Casino Company With Gambling Tycoon Could Start A New Investigation

A huge and complex investigation show reports that a Hong Kong tycoon, who has been marked as one of the leading gangsters in Macau casinos, is reportedly a partner with Great Canadian Gaming venture- from British Columbia – in the South China Sea. This information could raise a million questions and unpleasant situations.

Based on the global investigation and broad interviews with previous employees of this company and reviews of hundreds of company’s papers, a deceased Chinese tycoon Cheng Yu Tung seems to be deeply linked to Canadian casino. He was placed in the third place when it comes to wealthy people in China. Due to allegations, he was the main support for China Sea Discovery.

The Great Canadian casino cruise managed to last only of a year before closing in 2001 and suffering a significant number of problems with Chinese criminals cover-up operations, based on data witnesses provide. It also finished in a couple of lawsuits.


Eby gave the statement

A significant number of investors were involved in this scandal. Even though the casino venture took place outside Canada; all the companies must give their vote to the integrity of the government. The rectitude is what should be as the main power for their work.

The ministry of Eby has confirmed that Cheng Yu Tung did not have any involvements in the B.C.-project. Eby also stated that allegations of people who were not registered in B.C. are severe and they shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Sandy Garossino has expressed criticism of on the subject how the criminals have a strong bond in British Columbia casinos. The alleged accusations of Cheng Yu Tung’s involvement with Great Canadian started a public discussion about what happened.

Based on some evidence, the Chinese crime group, located in Guangdong, Macau and Hong Kong, managed to launder nearly $100 million via loans and VIP gambling features in British Columbia Lottery casinos.

The reviewer Peter German states that casinos were familiar with these operations and they allowed organized crime to get into their structure and launder money.

Taking into an account the fact that the strong operator in Canada after it received contracts from the other areas of the state, continued to be double-checked for their service due to the problems in the last year.


Proka Avramovic’s statement

A former Canadian security supervisor, Proka Avramovic, says he is convinced that Great Canadian’s Hong Kong-based establishment was the real example of VIP gambling in China.

He testified on the incident that took place in casinos ship, where the businessman captured employees of the company and held them until he received the money for the investment.

In the court of law, the businessman was only referred to as Mr. Y. Avramovic’s complaints were dismissed by the British Columbia government, and he did know that regulators did not want to handle his allegations about the loans.

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