European Casinos At The Aim Of Canadian Pharma Co

Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc. officials told reporters last week that they have sent the intention letter as they wanted to become a part of the projects that develop European hotel and casinos resort. So far, the future location, as well as details about the complex, is not revealed yet, although we can expect the update in the upcoming months once the negotiations are finished. The Canadian company, namely, wants to join forces with American gaming arm of an investment company that will lead the whole project and make sure that everything goes well. We can expect to see sophisticated complex that will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Upgrade Of The Greek’s Casino Resort?

The latest press release by Easton’s officials noted that the overall gaming space will be huge; a gaming floor with over 1,000 slot machines, 50 gaming tables and a salon are included in the primary design of this object. However, the more updated info tells that the complex will also contain a hotel with 538 rooms and VIP suites, a spa with a wellness centre, dining options and huge parking garage. Beside all these features, the visitors will enjoy in the beautiful idyllic river setting.

The experts confirmed that the complex would attract a lot of people and therefore boost the growth of the company, as well as the price of its shares. Although the location is still a secret, some sources point out that the complex will be situated in the already existing Casino resort, which is currently set in Greece. Knowing the Greek culture, islands and people, we can expect the outstanding service and sight view!


Connection To Karras?

As we said in the above text, already operating Greek casino resorts has more than 1,000 slot machines, a VIP lounge, around 90 gaming tables with hotel that offers 255 rooms with 20 VIP apartments. With eight restaurants, a spa and convention facilities, this existing resort could be a turning point for the upcoming project as it already has a lot to offer. Karras, which is the name of the mentioned casino resort, is one of just nine legal casino places in Greece.

During 1990s, Karras was a part of gambling’s sector privatization that has very strong business connections with the local representatives. The experience with this job is an additional plus for Karras staff as they know what to do and how to serve their customers.


Confirmed Information Are Yet To Be

Although there was no any confirmed information and details from Easton Pharmaceuticals due to agreement’s confidence, the officials of this company told that we could expect the more detailed information about the project as soon as the important discussions are finished.

One thing is for sure – the more people will come to Greece just to see this great casino resort that will serve many customers. After all, Greece has a great culture, geography and people that will attract people which will, in return, use the resort features and boost the touristic development and economic growth.

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