Bingo For Canada’S Armed Forces

For the past couple of months, Canada’s armed forces have travelled to Mali. This is their first large-scale peacekeeping mission in the last fifteen years. According to the reports, these guys are excited about their mission and they share their ideas and opinions in Camp Castor in north Mali. Apart from the fact that the forces headed to Mali thanks to stable democracy, as well as a spare airport runway which is used by the country’s military. Now you are wondering what they have to do with casino or gambling but keep reading to understand how bingo helps these guys to stay within the normal life.


Cool Atmosphere In Camp

The Canadians, who have arrived in Mali, have a mission to supply air support and evacuations for locals. In 2013, there was a rebel attack, which killed a number of soldiers. However, the only problem is not only killing and rebel attack but also very hot temperatures, sandstorms and thunderstorms. However, when you have in mind all of these, the overall atmosphere in the camp remained positive. The Canadians stay next to their partners from the Netherlands and Germany and each night, before going to bed, they gather outside to play a couple of bingo games, drinking non-alcoholic beer, like Bavaria for example.

The Power OF Bingo

As Bingo is a highly social game, the experts wanted to experiment with the Bingo, by letting armed forces to play it after the long and exhausting day. The scientists showed that the soldiers, who had active service in Mali, were much more relaxed after playing a few games with the colleagues after the long day. The demonstration of the Bingo game shows that the soldiers remained enthusiastic and calm after they engaged in playing this game with other soldiers.

One of the reasons is that Bingo does not stay within the boundaries of the language, culture or nationality – you don’t have to speak the same language to engage in playing this game. As they have a chance to socialize and make a relationship with other colleagues, these guys became happier and stress-free after they had found a little bit of enjoyment for themselves. In these areas, it is especially exhausting to remain happy after the long day so the Bingo is the only solution for these soldiers who need a bit of socialization after the work.


Bingo As The Real Solution For Socialization In War

Now, taking this analogy which explains that Bingo can keep people happy, it is natural to say that Bingo could improve everyday lives by keeping us happy while socializing. As you have seen, even elderly caring facilities have Bingo hall, where they can gather, talk, and play Bingo. The point is not to win the money, but rather to enjoy the atmosphere and socialization with other people. The Bingo may be the only constructive solution for these armed forces who spend their time in the middle of the war-struck country, without any real chance for socialization and enjoyment.

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