AGCO and Malta Gaming Authority Enhance Collaboration with New Agreement

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) have taken a significant step forward in their collaborative efforts by signing a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). This agreement underscores their commitment to working together on shared objectives and values within the gaming sector.

Focus on Responsible Gambling and Player Protection

The AGCO and MGA will focus on key areas such as responsible gambling and player protection. By sharing regulatory information and best practices, both authorities aim to enhance their oversight of the gaming industry. This collaboration also includes providing mutual operational assistance concerning gaming operators.

Charles Mizzi, CEO of MGA, highlighted the benefits of this partnership, stating, “Our ongoing collaboration with AGCO has yielded tangible results in the past, and through this MoU, we are committed to further bolstering our inter-jurisdictional relationship.” Mizzi emphasized that the focus remains on the exchange of information to improve regulatory practices and effectively address mutual challenges.

Similarly, the AGCO expressed the importance of building strong relationships with regulators in other jurisdictions. This approach allows for enhanced collaboration, exchange of information, and improved due diligence processes, which are critical for maintaining a robust regulatory framework.

Ontario’s Thriving Market and Ongoing Refinements

The Ontario gaming market has seen significant growth since the AGCO first developed its regulatory framework. The province now hosts 47 licensed operators, nearly 80 legal gaming sites, and has generated $2.4 billion in gross gaming revenue in its second full year of operations. Despite this success, the AGCO continues to refine its regulations to address emerging issues and ensure a safe gaming environment.

Recent regulatory amendments highlight the AGCO’s proactive approach. In February, new rules were implemented to reduce the marketing of iGaming to minors and restrict the use of athletes in gambling advertisements. Additionally, in April, the AGCO introduced a ban on betting markets for all World Boxing Association events. These measures reflect the AGCO’s commitment to responsible gambling and player protection.

The collaboration with the MGA, which has 23 years of experience overseeing Malta’s gaming industry, is expected to further enhance the AGCO’s regulatory practices. By learning from the MGA’s extensive experience, the AGCO aims to refine Ontario’s market to be among the best-regulated in the world.

The Importance of International Collaboration

The MoU between the AGCO and MGA is a testament to the importance of international collaboration in the gaming industry. By working together, these regulatory bodies can address common challenges more effectively and implement best practices that benefit both jurisdictions.

This partnership is particularly valuable given the dynamic nature of the gaming industry, where new technologies and market trends continually emerge. The exchange of knowledge and experience between the AGCO and MGA will help both organizations stay ahead of these changes and maintain high standards of regulation.

Future Prospects

Looking ahead, the continued cooperation between the AGCO and MGA promises to yield further benefits for the gaming sectors in both Ontario and Malta. The shared commitment to responsible gambling, player protection, and regulatory excellence will drive ongoing improvements in their respective markets.

As the AGCO continues to consult with the MGA, Ontario’s gaming market is poised to become even more robust and well-regulated. The insights gained from this partnership will help the AGCO navigate future challenges and ensure that the gaming environment in Ontario remains safe and fair for all participants.


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