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The main aim of this free casino fun is to explore the life of some cute folk, called the munchkins. These characters are originated from the “the Wizard of Oz” story, dwelling on the Ally’s adventures. The peculiarity of them is that they have the specific habit of biting all they see. Playing this free casino slot you’ll get acquainted with various inhabitants of the magic town, which can endue you with the favour. Try to earn their confidence and you’ll be granted some precious reward for your kindness.

Talking about the gaming process…

The adjusting is the kind of classic procedure for this kind of free casino slot, which resides in the line and the coin rate choice, the bet determination, and the activation of the button initiating the spinning process (the Spin push). For the maximum available bet press the Max Bet button and have your most significant wins. In general, the interface is easy to cope as all the needed buttons are shown on the screen.

Two or more signs can form winning sets, which have specific price, the value of each separate combo is indicated in the paytable. Learn and play! During the game, you’ll notice different icons of objects, which have been bitten by these gluttonous creatures (the wallet, the keys, the notebooks, the numbers and the letters). The most evaluated is the Plate icon. It is the Wild sign and have the power to interchange the pictograms of this online slot to let you compose more prized sets. The Cookie is the Scatter. This pictogram can let you raise your bet and win 20 spins free of charge with the double bet multiplier. The risky may try the risk round, in which the task is to foresee the color of the card.

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