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Having just clicked on the activation button, you will meet the welcoming bewhiskered old man with an ear-to-ear grin. Why is he that glad? The reason is simple: the man has hit the jackpot of one million dollars. Several years before it our hero had been the military man (we can see it from his uniform, which he likes immensely and even now is proudly wearing). He was not some enlisted man, but the real general, who has now gone into retirement. The important detail about this chap is that he is very friendly and he will gladly share the earned sum with the lucky and self-assured players.

The Major Millions Pictograms

This online slot has the Wild pictogram and the Scatter. Get one icon of the Major Millions in a set of three icons and you will have the double gain for it. There are also other possible winning sets, which can consist of explosive, aircrafts, armor systems, field glasses, cloth caps, medals, the folder with some highly classified information and the Major in this casino slot. The information as for their cost is described in the special table in this free game.

The Major Millions Winning History

The gamer (someone called Jim L.) has achieved a record, having hit the most impressive internet jackpot, which was equal to 1 683 526, 64 dollars. This was the third jackpot, which surpassed the limit of 1 500 000 online wins during the first two years of the existence of this casino gaming machine. Since that time we have been congratulating several jackpot winners of this type every year. It looks like the Microgaming representatives are keen on “forming the millionaires”.

Play this free casino fun now to get the best prize and the marvelous impressions!

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