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The rainbow is a kind of pleasant phenomena of nature, which gladdens us due to its natural beauty, but it is also the hint of heaven. Such was the belief of ancient people. As the story dwells, one side of the rainbow highlighted the place with gold. The daredevils tried to find such places for many times, but no evidence can prove the belief. Today we treat such conviction as the fairy-tales. That makes the process of gambling in this casino slot even more bright and exciting for everyone wants to realize the fairy story and get the real big gain for that! Play the offered online fun to make this intention true!

The Brightness of the Game

Judging from its interface, this casino game is rather classic for it offers the beginning of the performance after the activation of the well-known keys: the “SELECT LINES” (for the determination of preferable quantity of lines), the “BET MAX” (setting the highest available values automatically) and the “SPIN” (to start your journey to the jackpot). On the very bottom of the screen you can also notice the key “VIEW PAYOUT”, which includes the price list of all the pictograms-participants and their combinations. The value of the coin is permanent in this free online slot. It equals ten cents. The automatic reels’ turnings are also included in the functional offer of the free game. Just hit and watch the process. You will fail to participate in some bonus activities in this casino fun, the progressive jackpot will gladden you.

The bright and impressive multicolored graphics will let you in the best fascinating world of this casino slot, which will inspire your intuition to come in full force. Play now to get your multicolored palm tree!


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