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The American Life Style lovers would definitely like this free online fun for it contains everything a person needs to achieve the American dream (with this online casino entertainment you can easily earn enough money to live high). Take the best chance to gain! The Microgaming casino entertainment producer has created the slot with five reels and twenty-five pay lines, which provides up to 42 winning combos! Just imagine the height of your winning odds in this free slot!

The Intro

The adjustments are really few, which makes the introductory part short for the player to pass to the gambling process sooner (the lines, the bets settings).

The Pictograms of Bars and Strips

The functional pictograms are:

1. The Wild pictogram (the Game Logo) can complete the awarded pattern by its presence in case if needed symbol is missing. In addition to the offered by the combination index of multiplication, you will get the multiplication by two due to the participation of the Wild sign in the combo.

2. The Scatter pictogram is represented by the symbol of American football.

Three symbols of football will provide the substantial earnings.

3. The Bonus pictogram (the uncle Sam’s hat) initiates the extra gaming activity (for three of them), which awards serious gains. You are to choose one out of several hats. Under one of them you’ll see the amount of your gain, which could be 47 500 coins.

The rest of signs participating in the awarded set formation are the apple pie, the bars, the beer, the burger, the eagle, the hotdog, the liberty sign and “7”.

The Bars and Strips Jackpot

This online slot offers substantial jackpot for you to get closer to your American dream. 50 000 coins will let you get the win, which makes up 25 000$. Great, isn’t it?




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