What is peculiar about Sweet life 2?

This free online slot is the renewed version of the famed Sweet life stunner with the bear and the bees playing the key roles, you will never get bored with them.


First of all, choose the active lines (up to nine), the number of them should be uneven. Proceed with the bet amount choice (the minimum bet for line is 1 credit, the maximum — 25 credits), to raise the bet just push the Bet button. Press Start to begin.

The winning pattern may occur when three or more equal symbols appear on the screen. Mind: they should follow one after another to make up the winning combination.

Two special symbols can emerge on the screen, the first one is the Beehive in the number of three or more it grants you the access to the prise round. The second one is the Bee Smoker. It is the Wild symbol and can let you easily form the winning combination. During the bonus game the gambler should decide which of the beehives are filled with honey to get the pleasant reward. The game is over when meeting with a bee took place, but successful opening of five beehives leads to the second round. Here you are to choose between two beehives, if the try is successful, all your earnings are multiplied by 25.

The risk round can help you to double your profit. Press the Double button and choose a card, if its value is higher than the Dealer’s, you win.

Why is Sweet life 2 worth trying it?

This free online slot helps the player to get the most significant profit while entertaining happily with cute and funny animals. Easy rules and colorful animation make your raising money process more relaxing.



The Sizzling Hot Idea

Nowadays not that many slots work according to the old good rules. That is why the Sizzling Hot free casino slot, the “child” of the Novomatic Company, is very popular with the gamblers. Play this game to dive in the rich atmosphere of the Las Vegas casinos of the 70ies!

The Introductive Performance

  • to regulate the credit volume activate the Coin button.

  • set the bet level for all the five lines clicking the Bet one push

  • activate the Start press and you are in!

To enable the automated mode of the performance click the Automatic Start key.

The Bet Max push offers the most expensive bet activation for all the lines in this free online entertainment.

The Sizzling Hot Multipliers and Signs

The Gold Star is the Scatter symbol of this casino fun and appearing in any part of the reels earns the most substantial indexes of multiplication. Most of images compose the winning patterns consisting of three, four and five equal units (some of the two pieces image combinations are also prized) offering the following coefficients:

  • the Gold Star (ten, fifty, two hundred and fifty);

  • the cherries (five, twenty, fifty, two hundred);

  • the lemons, the plums, the oranges (twenty, fifty, two hundred);

  • the watermelon, the grapes (fifty, two and five hundred correspondingly);

  • the  “7” (one hundred, one thousand, five thousand).

The Risk Round

Any winning pattern is suitable to serve as a risk activity pass, which permits to double the win having divined the color of the suggested card. It presupposes prolongation if the first answer is correct. The failure in this round of the named casino slot reduces to zero the current win.


What is interesting about Sweet Life?

Funny bear is waiting for you to help him in honey crop harvesting, but the awful bees stand in your way. Get the maximum honey harvest and the bear will show how generous he can be. And he can!

Gambling details

Five reels and nine play lines are engaged in free online slot and you are free to choose the number of active lines and the bet amount. Your parlay can vary from 1 to 25. Having accomplished this task press the Start button. Your win depends on the amount of the same images (at least three needed) standing in one line. The quality of a symbol also matters, for more details concerning this question, address to Help button.

The main symbol of this game is a Bee Smoker, which performs functions of any other symbol. Each reel contains the image of a beehive, simultaneous appearance of three of or more signs of this kind opens the access to the bonus game. Your task is to decide which of five beehives contains honey without being caught by the crazy bee. Each successful opening will give you some money prize. Having opened all of them, you pass to the next level, where you are to choose between two variants, here your right choice earns you 25 multiplication of all your earnings in this game.

One more function of  Sweet Life aimed to raise your win is the multiplier, which doubles any win if you guess which of four cards represented on the screen has higher value, than the opened one. That’s it!

Why should the player be willing to try it?

This free online casino game will let you feel unforgettable emotions and maybe will grant a lump sum. While you waste your time on hesitation, some smart person may take your win!



The Rock Climber Plot

The Igrosoft casino fun creator made up their mind to add some adrenaline into the gambler’s life. For this purpose, this rich in adventures free casino fun was designed, participate now to get the thrilling adventure and gain!

The Important Data as for the Rock Climber Online Casino Game

Before pressing the Start button, which will initiate the gambling process the player should set the bet and the lines within the shown limits.

The functional symbols of the mentioned above free slot are the Ensign (the Wild symbol), capable of fulfilling the duties of other signs-participants to ensure the awarded  combos’ formation and the Cord with a Hook image (the Bonus sign), which switches on the additional gambling round.

The most expensive image is the snowflake. For five such pictograms you’ll get 5000 multiplier!

The rest of the symbols-participants of this free casino entertainment (like, the hat, the shoes, the jackets, the snowflake, the tens, the ensigns, the backpacks, the ice axe pictograms) unite in the winning combos (of three, four, or five pieces) in in keeping with the gaming code (activate the Help key to learn the details).

The Rock Climber Extra Gambling

To participate in the Risk Game, hit the Double press, having formed any awarded combination. This mode will allow you double the gain for the spin and get one more try of this type. Just cope with the task, which resides in the finding of some senior card than that of your opponent. Your bad luck will cost you the gain for the current spin in this free online entertainment. Think twice.

The Cord with a Hook Bonus is at your disposal after you catch at least 3 such pictograms on the reels, the more significant is the number of these pictograms on the screen, the larger your gain be. The task for this bonus gambling procedure is to choose the reliable cord to help the hero climb to the top. It consists of several levels. Each time the correct cord choice enables the prolongation, the aim is to get to the top of the mountain and put the ensign there. The hidden danger! Anytime you can meet the angry snowman, who will throw you off the mountain with great pleasure, signifying the end of fun.


What is the theme of Resident?

Espionage… One of the most ancient activity of the mankind for there was always need in some smart secret agents capable of proprietary information intake in the profit of some state. What a slot! It gives the best opportunity to dive into the atmosphere of cloak-and-dagger and military secrets with the highest possible authenticity, which involves serious money. Having started the game, you’ll come to the secret boot with multiple strongboxes full of serious documentations and the gold bars inside.


Before the undercover agent can perform any action, he should worm himself into confidence of the enemy. Just like the real agent, you should think of your tactics and strategy, having set the active lines and the bet for each of them. And surely, the player should do his best while spinning intrigues to accomplish his mission successfully.

Pictograms of Resident

From time to time during the game the player will come across various attributes (gas masks, combat tactical vehicles, fire extinguishers, medals). The fire extinguishers can easily double your prize fund.

The risk and the bonus rounds

A climax comes when the strongboxes emerge on the reels, and three or more symbols of this kind testify of the resident’s professionalism for he is already in the secret boot. Good job! To accomplish this mission the resident has to activate all the strongboxes, which guard some valuable units (mind: the artful enemies have mined some of them). Inattentiveness can cause the explosion and thus, the player will come back to the main game. But, despite any failure, the confidence should be preserved! It is advisable for the gamer to be armed with the fire extinguishers (which can get under the explosion). For the most experienced agents, who coped with the risk round, there is the super round. Your job in the super round of this fee online casino slot is to guess behind which of the offered doors the beautiful radio operator is hidden. In the case of win, the gain and the beauty are yours!



The pirate adventures world has always kept up with the gambling passion, these gold searchers do know where gold can be found. You can’t find more thrilling slot! Attractive graphics solution, incredible bonuses, and intriguing atmosphere will help you to make a big game.  


The principles implemented on this free online casino fun are classic: 5 reels, 9 lines, your choice of the active lines and the bet, the Start key hitting and you’re in!


Gathered in one line equal symbols (three or more) can compose a prized unit. The gain depends on symbols composing the winning combination. To learn the details, address to the Help button.

The Pirate is the main symbol of this free online casino slot, to help you in the winning sets formation he performs the functions of any other sign.  

Risk Round and Free Spins

Every win can be multiplied by 2, just guess the card color and you’ve got it. The activity can be repeated, but one failure deprives you of the gained sum.

Though the pirates eagerly take advantage of the quest for gold, this free online slot is very generous. The proof is obvious. Three trunks even in a chaotic order lead you to the bonus game with profuse earnings! The player needs to fetch the trunk containing money (the bones in the trunk signal of the end of the game).

Three of more rum barrels on the reels result in the extra game. The task is to open the barrels one by one and make profit from the gain hidden inside, the empty barrel stops the performance, but this game will not leave you without earnings! Play the Pirate free online casino slot to get your portion of gambling passion and a lump sum!



This Pirate 2 free online casino entertainment is created for those, who are eager to get the feel of the pirate’s part rushing the ship up wave… Activate the slot and stand near the steering wheel of the real filibuster ship.


Classic five reels and nine lines provide the performance. The line and the bet choice are just like in the previous version of the slot, hit Start – and you are in.

Symbol system

The system of signs in Pirates 2 remains the same (all the symbols can construct prized units, but each one is evaluated separately) with the Pirate as the Wild symbol (substitutes any other sign). To get more details as for this concern activate the Help press.

Extra Playing Activities and Spins

The risk round is traditional: making the virtual rival’s card by the chosen card of higher value you double the win. If the cards are equal – the sum remains the same, if the rival has the card of the higher value – all your risk win burns.

Two extra games are included in this free casino fun.

During the first round (takes place after 3 or mote trunks appear on the screen) you have to open all the trunks one by one. The treasure trove gives you profit, but the bones finding results in the extra game ending.

Have found only the treasures in all the three trunks? Great work! The effective first round of the extra game opens the access to the second:  stop the dice moving and open one of the two barrels. Well done (and you get your portion of treasures) if the treasures are hidden inside, if the barrel is empty – you get nothing.

Take your chance!


What is distinguishable about Garage?

This exciting free online slot will not leave cold the automobilists and the real gamblers. The gamer needs to fix his car with the help of various repair parts and tools in some quite old garage.

How to start?

The road to success in this free online casino fun starts from the activation of the needed number of lines and the choice of the bet. Then, just press Start to make the spinning performance begin.

What are the symbols of the Garage free online casino slot?

Among the symbols, forming the evaluated combinations are the spark plugs, the oilcan, the accumulators, the adjustable jacks, the fire extinguishers, the keyfobs.

The keyfob is the Wild symbol and interchanges any of the mentioned above signs.

The game logo is the most desirable sign for when three of them come together in a line 100 credits are given to the player (for five of them he may get 5000 credits).

What are the additional activities?

The player can double every win trying to guess which one of the represented cards is of higher value than the opponent’s. The successful try offers one more opportunity of this kind, but after the very first defeat the gambler returns to the main game. If both have the cards of the same value, nothing is changed and the game may continue.

After three or more wooden boxes emerge on the reels the gamer is to open them. Every trove (some tool) adds a definite sum to the gamer’s account, but the saw, the hammer and the lock nut offer additional bonuses. If the policeman jumps out of one of them – the game is over.

Having noticed three or more padlock pictures you are to open five garage locks. To perform this task, the player needs to guess in which of two represented boxes the key is hidden. The effective try prolongs the game. The opened empty box signals of the end of the round. The gamer may use the super key, which can open any door (hit the Line 9). After coping with all the locks, he can open the door and have a look at the car license plate (where the gain will be indicated).  


The Fruit Cocktail Free Slot Story

The cocktails are the best companions in any funny leisure, adventures and entertainment. This idea must have come to the mind of the creators of this free casino gaming machine for them to realize it in such a bright solution. The vitaminized and juicy, fright and refreshing, exhilarant and natural fruit gambling cocktail now is at your disposal. Any time! This fresh idea has found its adherers all around the world very soon (all those perfect graphics and the high winning rates played very important role, as the gamblers confessed).

The Igrosoft is constantly impressing the gaming audience by its products, but this time they seem to manage to surpass oneself, such is this free online video game.

The Ingredients and Their Price

The main ingredients of this free slot are the fruits and berries (there are only seven of them). To call the occurred set a winning one it should consist of three, four or five images of equal quality and be situated on the same line of payouts. The chain of the equal symbols should not be interrupted by any other symbol. The more images form the set, the higher is the award for it. You will get the highest price for the combinations consisting of the images with the cocktail in this casino game, the lowest – for the cherries’ sets (but even two of them are enough for you to get the award).

The Alternative Gambling Recipes

Having got some win, you have the right to double it. The choice of the senior  card, than that of your adversary will allow to get the described benefit. That is the first alternative.

The second one starts even when the images, offering the entrance to it (the strawberries) occur in different lines.



Due to which peculiarities Lucky Drink stands out?

In this free online casino slot the player should not be afraid of evil spirits, because they have the power to make him scoop a large profit. The daredevils are generously rewarded in this online casino slot. Force all the characters to dance after your whistle (or even being brave enough oblige those evil spirits to realize your wishes).

The main rules

Welcome to the devil’s bar, look around it is quite colorful and amusing. The player does not need to be experienced to succeed in this free online casino slot, just select the active lines (up to 9) and the bet (up to 25). Well done! Push the Start button to proceed.

The winning amounts depend on the quantity and the quality of the equal symbols in a raw, the most expensive one is the barrel image, five signs of this type multiply your bet by 10000. To learn more about the payout system press the Info key.

The main symbol of this online casino slot is the Devil. His portrait opens the bonus round, in which the player will be suggested to guess where of five barrels money is hidden. If you come across the barrel with demons your bonus round is over.

To double your money press the Double button. The player will have to decide which of the four represented hole cards has a higher value than the opened one and his valid trial makes the earnings double. You can repeat this procedure many times.

Why should the gambler consider it worthy?

All you need to succeed in Lucky Drink is the great desire to get a reward and the passion for gambling process. This online free game opens plenty of variants for you to gain.  


The Island Story Line

Many of us dream of the vacation on some distant island without any mobile phone ringing or internet social network disturbing. But how many of us have realized this burning desire? This free online slot is the true gold trove! Play the best online slot to make this dream come true and to gain a substantial profit!

Personalization Techniques

  • determine the lines you are going to play (1-9)

  • define the bet for all the chosen lines

  • set the number of credits in a bet

  • press Start to play

Symbol and Payout Systems

The Dolphin (the Wild symbol) performs the duties of other signs to enable the winning pattern formation. Five such images earn 2000 bet multiplication!

The Scatter of this free online slot is the Island (three or more signs of this kind in any possible order lead to free spins). Five Scatters let you profit from 5000 multiplication index.

Other symbols (the flotation ring, the can, the bottle, the steerable wheel, the turtle, the seagull, etc.) when in the combination of three or more (some two-piece combinations are prized) form evaluated patterns too and their costs are indicated in a payout table.

Risk Game

Having divined, which of the represented cards is more evaluated than the dealer’s you double the gain. This action can be repeated, but mind: one mistake will cost you all the earned in the risk game sum.

Extra Gaming Activity

Three or more Islands open the access to the extra gaming activity in this casino slot. To get the first prize, the hero needs to sail on the float-boat to the island trying to escape the meeting with sharks. The second prize is awarded after the correct choice of the ham took place (the wrong one will deprive of all the win for this round as it leads the hero to a trap). This lucky ham will grant the substantial sum!


Which characteristics make Lucky Haunter stand out?

Having started this free online casino slot the player will find himself in the company of the experienced barfly and a lucky dog in one person, who always have some money on him. He will share his secrets with great pleasure! During this free online casino game the gambler will see various thematic objects on the screen (foamy beer, cancers, red wine, etc.). It is very convenient to combine it with leisure in the real bar. It looks very harmonious. This is a good opportunity to check whether it is true or not that all the fool and the sots are the ones who always turns up trumps, trying to catch the sacred horseshoe to double your gain.

What should the gambler know to succeed?

Firs of all, the player needs to choose the quantity of active lines and the bets. To get the portion of adrenaline the gambler can use the risk round option. The barman will show the can with some number indicated on it, your task is to open up another one with the larger figure. The quantity of attempts is not indicated, feel free to examine your intuition.

Three or more corks open the access to the bonus game, due to which this free online slot is famous!  Look: there is a number under each cork. Multiply your earnings by the indicated number and make a packet!

One more option: the barman offers two covered dishes (on one plate there is a broiler chick, on the other — just bones) choose one of them to display your luckiness.

Why should the player find Lucky Haunter attractive?

Are you really get bored of the dull working days and the burden of problems has become unbearable? Then it is the right time to drop in the casino, have pleasant and at the same time useful profitable leisure here!


This time, Igrosoft creator offers marvelous opportunity to escape to some distant exotic place and to let you have the best short-term but bright and intensive vacation with this free online slot.


  • operating the digital buttons choose the lines for activation (any uneven number)

  • the bet is determined by the Bet key (1-25 credits in each of them)

  • hit the Start to play

The Island 2 Symbols and Indexes

The Wild symbol of this free casino slot is the Dolphin, capable of other signs substitution in order to form a winning pattern. The dolphin-formed sets can earn up to 2000 index of multiplication, the patterns with the Game logo offer up to 5000 as big wins.

Other signs let you have the following multipliers for the patterns with them:

  • the flotation ring (30, 100, 500),

  • the turtle (20, 50, 100),

  • the steerable wheel (10, 30, 100),

  • the can (5, 10, 50),

  • the bottle (2, 3, 10),

  • the seagull (3, 5, 20).

Risk Game

Bet doubling risk activity is offered to the gamer each time after the win takes place. Manage to divine which of the represented cards is of higher value than the rival’s and repeat it to double the bet one more time. The cards of same value let you try again. The lower value of the card signals of the end of the risk game and burns the win.

The Island Bonus Activity

Three or more Island pictures on the reel permit to play the bonus game of this free casino slot. The hero sailing in the boat has to choose the safe direction (out of five) of the journey not to be caught by sharks. Try hard! Each correct answer is prized, if the gamer sails up to the island he is awarded the pass to the super bonus round.

The Super Bonus Activity

In the super bonus round of this online casino fun to get the prize our hero is to choose the correct ham. One mistake — and the gambler will end the game having fallen into a trap.

Have a luck!


What is interesting about Gnome?

This magic creature is the best guardian of gold, precious jewels and various treasures. Amiable and smiling he will gladly share his riches with the brave, who made a decision to use his chance.

Gambling performance

Five reels and nine active lines appear on your screen at the beginning of the game. Main symbols are various units of real mining outfit, to learn about their value you should addresses to the table, having activated the Help button. Three or five pick images bring you from 20 to 500 coins, the helmet symbol gives the gamer from 10 to 100 coins, the oil lamp picture provides from 5 to 50 coins, the hammer and anvil sign guarantees from 2 to 20 coins.

This free online slot is very useful. Even two equal signs plus the Gnome symbol in the line make you richer! Nothing strange for Gnome is the Wild symbol and he is empowered to interchange any other.

Each successful spin is followed by the offer to play the risk round, where you are to choose the card with a higher value than the Dealer’s. Thus, you double the win, but if a failure happens, you’ll be deprived of your win and come back to the main game.

The appearance of three or more lorry signs opens the access to the bonus game. Its goal is to guess the lorry content within 5 attempts. If all the downturned lorries are filled with gold, your win will increase on the corresponding percent, and you will also be automatically granted the access to the super bonus game. In the dark cave you will try to decide which of the suggested trunks hides the treasures, having chosen the correct one your bet will be multiplied by 100.

Why should the gamer look for the opportunity to play Gnome?

Being one of the most called for free online casino fun, this game gives the excellent opportunities to gather the own trunk of treasures to everyone. The generous and welcoming heroes and all the bonus functions in combination guarantee an incredible winning challenge. Push the Start button to make your big game!


The Fruit Cocktail 2 Idea

The Igrosoft legendary free casino fruit slot has acquired a new look. The creative team of the well-known company would like to bring to your attention the junior brother of the known casino entertainment – the Fruit Cocktail 2, which is even more bright, more generous and exciting than ever before.

The Settings

The mechanics of this free slot has not changed, just like it was before you five reels and nine lines are needed to make the planet of fruits go round. And all the setting buttons are at their place, so you can adjust the process of gambling.

The Rules of Winning Sequences Formation

The minimum number of symbols required to form the awarded set equals 3. The direction of the sequence is not taking into consideration. As for the price of each winning sequence, it is to be noted that all of them are highly correlated to the quantity of the pictograms in the set. The costs of all the winning sequences occurred in the game are indicated in the pay table.

The Main Pictograms

The maximum possible win for the prized sequence makes up 5000 bets (that is the price for five blackberries). The joker offers 2000 prize for five his portraits. This image has special value, as it is the Wild pictogram in this online slot and it can transform into any other sign to enable the prized set composition.

The inscription “free games” activates supplementary spins (from ten to fifty). From three to five such pictograms will serve to get the extra spins.

The Supplementary Activities

In addition to the main gaming performance in this free casino entertainment, the player has two more ways to make a fortune. The first is connected with the random matching of images, which is the bonus game (offering from two to one hundred coefficient). The second is the classic risk round, in which the aim is to make the opponent’s card.


Due to what Keks is ‘tasty’?

We gladly listened to various fairy-tales in childhood and we do still remember their heroes, but have you ever thought that those heroes could become the participants of casino entertainments?  Keks, for instance will gladly help you to earn substantial sum if you agree to spend some time with him.

Gaming performance

To begin the game settle the quantity of active lines and the bet for each of them and by activating the Start button make the reels spin. To get acquainted with the rules profoundly address to the Info key.

This fairy-tale free casino slot presupposes the risk rounds for reckless players. Having won the minimal sum in the main game, you get the access to it, just take a card, if your card is of higher value than the Dealer’s, your win is doubled automatically. But think twice before starting the risk round. You can easily lose all your earnings!

The main symbol of the game is the Stove, three or more Stoves permit to play the bonus round, consisting of several levels. During the first one, the gamer should find Keks. He has hidden in one of five stoves. Open each of them one by one and pass to the second level, in which you’ll need to choose the bush behind which the naughty Keks is sitting. The correct answer will be generously rewarded, but if you are wrong the wolf will appear signifying you failure in this game.

Keks is the Wild symbol of this online casino game. He easily interchanges any other symbol to form a winning pattern. The most expensive symbol of this free online slot is the Cat, five cat pictures at one blow will grant you 5000 credits.

Why should the gambler find it worthy?

Every person was dreaming of the fairy-tale character to help him realize the dream magically. This is the time for it, as this online free slot provides plenty of opportunities to make a profit in an easy way. Find some time to lead the life of joy with Keks and other fairy-tale characters.



The Fairy Land Casino Entertainment Idea

The backwater is a place inhabited by frogs and that sounds inspirational for this kind of the semiaquatic animals offer impressive wins. The main hero of this free slot is the frog – traveler. It has got into some trap on this backwater. You are to help her get out of it, she can hardly cope with this task without any aid (this service is generously paid).

The Main Course of the Fairy Land Gaming Performance

The raisin of the mentioned gaming machine is that it allows the player to become the true fairy hero. Your aim is to participate actively in the gaming story: first – activate quickly all the needed functions (the names of the buttons will give you the hint) and start catching all the funny and generous winning sets, which can consist of various images. Be attentive!

The “Bar” inscription occurs very often, but doesn’t give any huge prize in this free slot. The butterflies and the snails are more attractive from this point of view. The chameleon is the Wild icon, just like the joker it can acquire the meaning of any other icon letting the value of the pattern increase. The highest price belongs to the logotype of the game. Five icons with “Fairy land” multiply your bet by 3000. The Frog icons (three, four, or five) initiate the bonus round and can occur in any place, even within the lines, which were not activated.

The Additional Course of the Fairy Land Gaming Performance

To open the extra game you need to catch at least three frogs on the screen. Further, you are to help the frog reach the land within several steps. Each one will increase the win in this online slot. The successful first part of the extra round in this free slot offers the second, in which the player should recognize the frog’s eyes overtopping the pond’s surface (trying not to mix them with the crocodile’s).

The risk activity connected with the forecast of the color of the given downturned card activates after the awarded combo appearance.

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