Your Definitive Guide To Playtech Casino

Online casino services are supplied by a wide range of providers. Many good online casinos have tables by quite a few different providers, from big names that are popular throughout the industry, to lesser known names that are steadily making their mark. One of the most successful providers is Playtech casino which has gained an excellent reputation over the years thanks to the high quality of its gaming content. Here’s some more information about the developer and the many tables it creates.

Playtech games

If you’re looking for a Playtech casino, you won’t have to look far. There are hundreds upon hundreds of online casinos offering tables by the developer. The casinos catalogue consists of more than 600 titles, including video slots, progressive jackpots and tables. As well as traditional games, the dev also offers virtual sports, real-time sports betting, poker networks, live casino software, bingo and lotteries.

Playtech history

The house is one of the longest-running devs, having been established back in 1999. This was only five years after Microgaming launched the first proper online house in 1994. The company didn’t launch any casino products until 2001. Since it started releasing games, it’s continued to grow and prosper. It’s made numerous acquisitions over the years and is now such a large company that it has offices in some 17 countries, with over 5,000 employees on its books.

Branding deals

Over the course of its history, the company has made numerous deals to provide branded slots. One of the biggest was a deal to develop slots themed after various Marvel movies. Some of these include Wolverine, Iron Man 3, Ghost Rider, Captain America, Fantastic 4 and The Avengers. The licensing contract expired in March 2017 and  signed a new deal to create DC Comics movies in partnership with Warner Bros. Titles released include Suicide Squad, Justice League, Green Lantern and Superman II.

Advantages of Playtech casinos and games

With lots of other companies producing perfectly good casino games, what sets Playtech apart? The provider puts an emphasis on the visual aspect of its games, you can expect to see very high-quality graphics that help make the gaming experience even more immersive and realistic. Its tables  in particular have been very well received with regard to their graphics. There’s also the Omni-channel, an innovative, multi-channel system that lets you access tables on different platforms (land-based, computer and mobile) and rewards you for doing so.


It does not matter what kind of platform you are playing on, as long as it has PT games, you will surely have a great time. They are all rock solid experiences as they do not lag or have some kind of stutter. We all know how FPS is valuable. The amount of tables they developed can only mean that there is room for everyone. Want to play classic poker, or are you a blackjack guy. PT got you covered as they are the best in the industry and they always offer quality.