The Game of Roulette – A Historical Account

Roulette free – is gambling table entertainment that won the reputation of “Casino`s Queen”. Simplicity and complexity, dynamic and static, math component and absolute unpredictability – qualities, which at first sight cannot exist together, harmoniously live in one game and attract a large audience of admirers. No wonder, that with the development of gambling industry in the Internet, roulette slots became a basic part of every honorable online casino.

Nowadays, online slots containing roulette are developed by majority leading producers. From a tech point of view, they are simple slots that work on RNG base. But graphic images in detail simulate famous board amusement. Pictures of the field, wheel, and tokens – is the visual design of roulette slot machines and it doesn`t differ from the appearance of real models. Together with classical versions, European and American wheel, producers offer the most unusual types of alike machines: Premium, 3D, mini, multi-wheel, multi-ball and fruit roulette slots. However specific variant keeps standard table rules.

When we imagine a casino, the first picture that comes to our mind is a royal wheel and some enthusiastic players around it. Yes, that game is known as the Game of Roulette. For more than two centuries, this has become the face of Casinos and gambling itself. The game that catches our attention most when watching television show or movies, simply because of its eliteness and class

What does History say

The game of Roulette is the oldest amusement played in the Casinos, and the legacy continues till date. In European casinos, the popularity of entertainment is tremendous. Getting a seat at the roulette table has become a challenging task itself.

In Europe, the roulette draws more than 50% of revenue that comes from legal gaming. However in United State casinos trend is quite different from that of their European counterparts. Here it is not quite a favorite of the regular casino players. Infect, it generates only 5% of overall revenue in the United States casino industry.

It seems that the time is changing now. In the past few years, a change in the trend and the way to look upon at the game is noticeable. This seems to be being accepted by the players in United States casinos, especially in places like Las Vegas. The most significant changes seen in the rules are the use of single wheels, implementation of electronic reader boards and increment in the number of maximum bets. These changes also made a way to the gamblers to get maximum chance of success.

United States Casino Practice – Change in Trends:

The US casino industry is becoming bigger every day with the induction of new casinos every day. Considering the change in trend towards the roulette, new casinos are leaning forward to make space for this oldest amusement into the ring. The recent changes in the game practices may have made the access to average players easier and thus fueling the success of the game here:

  • Firstly, it is seen that there is a sharp increment in the introduction of single wheel roulette games in newer casinos. Single wheel games are comparatively less complicated. In fact, 1996 when the Monte Carlo Resort & Casino was opened, it was seen that one of every ten games was of single wheel type.
  • Secondly, the installation of electronic leaderboards has made the game more interesting among the players and new bidders. The electronic boards continuously display some last winning bets, and in the same sequence, they were played. This way more new players are getting attracted to the delight of roulette every day. This trend has made the older casinos to reconsider the setup, and they are trying to adapt this new technology and fit this into their older
  • Third, the new casinos have made a trend to increase the number of maximum bets considerably while the required number of minimum bets remains unchanged. Thus the system players are taking advantage of higher maximum limit to get a greater chance of success.

Origins of the Queen

History is interesting. The actual origin of the enjoyment has been long lost according to some experts. But some other defends this fact saying that the latest seen configuration and rules of can be traced back to France more than two centuries ago.

French novel ‘ La Roulette Ou Le Jouer’ by Jacques Labelle which was released in 1801 is considered among the earliest descriptions of the modern installment. Labelle described the roulette wheel as a device with ball pockets of numbers 1 to 36, and there were two extra pockets with mark zero and double zero. These extra pockets marked with zeros were reserved for the bank and they represented the mathematical significance of the roulette too.

First, single zero wheels were introduced 1843, when a casino in Homburg, a German town was opened its doors to the public. The single zero provides a better payoff to the players as the amount of reserved money is lessened up significantly compared to the double zero setups.

In 1863, when the Monte Carlo Resorts and Casino reorganized and opened for public in Las Vegas, the single wheel roulette installation got a new direction of success. It not only paid off to the casino owners and players there but also it changed and re-established the practices of the game on the European continent. European casinos started to show their eagerness to copy this business idea of installing single zero wheels for greater success.

During the time around 1850, a new double zero wheeled was introduced in New Orleans, France and it made a huge difference in the business.

In the US typical wheel roulette has 28 pockets with numbers, three zeroes for houses, one double zero and one eagle. This enabled the house to pay for odd numbers between 26 to 1 and a 12.9% advantage over the players.

But the new game introduced with 36 number pockets to enable to houses to pay for 35-1 odd numbers and 5.26% advantage over players, it considered as a better opportunity among gamblers in Europe than their US counterparts. The players with a well understanding of the game welcomed this new wheel.

Later, in the United States also, the 38 pocket game obtained the popularity and status of the typical roulette wheel.

Roulette – Game for Players with Profound Understanding:

The history of modern roulette is more than 200 years. In these span of time, the houses and casinos have equipped the game with a variety of rig wheels to win over the players. The players also utilized this time to understand the game, sharpen their skills with innovative strategies, planning and methods of playing to throw a neck to neck challenge to the houses. This has become a ‘player- versus the house’ game in thriving of dominance.

According to the experts, to win over a house is extremely difficult for a player in roulette game compared to the other gambling games. Also, history has a major number of scams and cheating in its history of over 200 years. But yet the players have put their efforts and ideas to extract some legitimate ways to beat the houses, and with the time, they have understood that this one can be a good source of success for gamblers.

Manufacturing of rigged wheels is quite a profitable business in all over the world because of the scams and demand of the house thriving to win over players. The unaware players get ripped off by the houses with the use of rigged wheels in the illegal casino houses all over the world. This information is important because once the player understands the characteristics of the rigged wheel in a particular house, they use may use some cunning strategies to overcome the obstacles.

It is observed that there are so many cases when the players came up with various magnetic equipment, hand tricks and mechanical techniques to beat the obstacles of the rigged wheel to win over the house. As a reply, the houses also installed magnetic detectors, plastic shields, and other mechanisms to prevent the loss.

Although the older techniques are understood and neutralized by the casino houses, the players also innovated some other techniques to beat the rigged roulette wheels. One of that is the use of technology and computers. Through computer program and use of probability theory, it can be predictable in advance the number where the ball will stop. But the considering heaviness of computers in that era, this idea would be quite difficult to implement in a casino house. Although with the advancements of technology the use of pocket computers and cell phones, players have found a way to an array of opportunities over the rigged wheels.

There are some legitimate and older ways to beat the rigged wheels which the players have developed over centuries with the understanding of mathematics and mechanisms behind the manufacturing of the rigged wheels. Most of these techniques are not yet abandoned by the casinos over time.


The Roulette is quite interesting, and this is the reason why this Queen has not lost its charm even after centuries. The mechanism, mathematics, tricks, scams and a vast history has made the game even more powerful and interesting over time. The casino houses are always interested to find ways to gain profit over players and the players always try to get maximum payoffs beating the whole set ups and techniques of the casino owners.