Opening Ceremony of the Elements Casino in Surrey, BC

Today a renewed Elements Casino, which was previously known as Fraser Downs Racetrack gambling house, opens its doors after a 6-month restoration. This facility had forty years history, and at 8:08 pm visitors will see it in a new perspective after around $11 million upgrade.

Owners of the gambling house opened the lower slots area to the community before the actual opening ceremony. However, owners are sure that a company Christmas party which welcomed guests, a preview that took place on Monday and partial unveiling on social media will not ruin public’s impression, as it will be new to everyone.

Finally, the last changes have been made and tonight the 56,000 square foot renovated facility welcomes its first visitors.

Also, were introduced certain modifications to the original construction plan. Now at the area where previously was placed the clubhouse guests will find an entertaining complex called Escape. The venue has a stage, where organizers plan to arrange live concerts twice a week. This part of the casino was planned that way so the sound will not reach the gambling area. The entertaining venue can host approximately 300 people, so owners promise that the room will be opened for various events and even weddings on non-concert days.

Another innovation is the Molson Canadian Lounge. This facility can host near 60 visitors and takes place at the 60th Avenue entrance. Visitors are welcomed to enjoy acoustic and solo performances, and also, the program involves harness racing during all seasons except summer.

Elements Casino features the Diamond Buffet, which is located at the main entrance next to the 60th Ave. and is opened all week long, at this time this is the only buffet venue in Surrey that is opened seven days a week. Another dining option is Foodies. It is a fast food restaurant located in the main gaming area where visitors can order snacks, burgers or sandwiches. Also, reasonable prices at the Foodies will pleasantly surprise visitors.

Along with general design changes and expansion of the facility, some transformations were made to improve the gaming experience for all guests. Before players could enjoy standard table games like Poker or Blackjack, but after the upgrade visitors will find 12 more tables and some new games including Pai Gow, additional Roulette and Squeeze Baccarat.

The renewed Elements Casino offers more innovative and exciting entertainments, games, races and restaurant facilities. Without a doubt soon after the opening ceremony, this place will become a number one entertaining destination.