With the peak online casinos have received since they were created some years ago, it’s a no-brainer that companies like Windows, for instance, would allow their customers to access casinos from their software. The company has a big market share percentage, not only with their computers but also with their tablets and phones. Offering the possibility of downloading apps, Windows has provided casino apps in their Microsoft store for its users to gamble their money from the comfort of their homes. Surely, and as expected, many of these apps have been downloaded endless times and are very addicting to people. Windows mobile phone and desktop features are many, and to start playing all you have to do is create an account.


Some of the casino games do not require users to share their credit card information because they function with virtual, fake money. However, there are others that demand the user’s PayPal account, credit card number, or even accept Bitcoin accounts from which you can send and receive money transfers.


Once you finish creating your account, you’re ready to start playing. Windows experts recommend several sites from where you can download these games or access their websites. These sites offer an extensive list of casino-related games that include:

  • Slots
  • Video Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Jackpot
  • Texas Holdem
  • Roulette
  • Scratch cards



Windows casino apps will offer the user welcome bonuses as soon as he/she downloads the app and signs up, or creates an account on the website. They take the form of a coupon and are very generous, according to experts.


Even though these aren’t as common anymore, newly-released apps are offering them to attract new users, which is why you should keep an eye out for these launches and limited time offers.


Almost all of these apps offer their users security. We understand that trusting a gambling app or website can be difficult since not all mobile casino apps and casino websites are reputable. Still, and with the encryption systems that most of these games implement, you can be sure that your money will be safe, as well as your personal and financial data, you just need to look for apps and servers that are well-known, licensed and regulated.


Once you pick the game you want to play, you’re all set. Windows tablets and phones offer the user the possibility of full cashier support; that means that you can deposit and withdraw real money from your phone easily and securely. This works through encryption software that protects your personal information and allows you to freely and securely make transactions online.

Whether you’re playing from your computer, phone, or tablet, these games will keep you interested. Slots, roulette, and scratch cards are the most popular ones in Windows because the time invested in the game is too little, which is why people love it. You can play roulette while you’re in line, when waiting for the bus to arrive, during lunch break, or really anywhere you want. If you are playing on your phone, we highly recommend blackjack and video poker because of how easy they are to play from a mobile device. The graphics, scenery, everything is almost as in real life casinos, and the adrenaline rush and excitement are the exact same!


Even when these phones are relatively new in the market, they provide users with awesome features, such as:

  • Unique, high-definition graphics
  • Large touch screens

And when you play on a tablet the screen is even bigger. The only limited thing in Windows phones is the variety of game selection applications, which tends to be broader in other phones with software like Android, for instance.