Adoption of a Problem Gambling Legislation

Problem gambling became the next popular matter the government adopted having finished the work on the Japanese Diet. The legalization of the casino leisure was a turning point. It gave rise to many additional issues. Nippon Ishin no Kai, the representative of the opposition party, offered his report on a new law devoted to the regulation of problematic issues with casino pastime. The document was submitted. It opened a new era in the gambling online and real one in Japan.

Under the bill, comprehensive policies will be introduced to fight social ills related to the previewed raise of activities in the sphere. The legalization of the casino is the first step. It enables the construction of two resorts offering more matters for consideration. By the end of the year, a separate bill setting the regulation base for the management of the resorts will be voted. The locations of the casino properties will represent another matter. A separate document will be devoted to the regulation of these issues.

The legislations introduced by Nippon Ishin insist on the emergency of the creation of an effective problem gambling prevention and treatment program. The system of regulations should be revised every five years in order to represent the solutions capable of solving the matters connected with excessive activeness in the sphere. The document should undergo changes in due course. The authorities of the populated localities where the institutions of this kind will appear should implement changes into the policies contributing to the problem gambling prevention and treatment matters.

Another novelty introduced in the bill was a Gambling Awareness Week taking place in summer. During this period, numerous campaigns and advertisements will take place. Their purpose resides in informing the audience of the risks hiding in the online casino and real casino activity. The authors offered to hire the professionals in medicine. These people will be able to provide aid to clients who has symptoms of casino addiction.

The member of “Osaka-centric” party, Nippon Ishin expressed the position of the group willing to see Osaka the host to one of the two resorts. Chances are good that this event will take place. What is important to this concern is that the city is one of the bidders for hosting the World Expo 2025.

The second part of the bill will be enacted by the end of 2017. If Osaka will be chosen a home for the multi-purpose complexes, it will do its best to launch it by 2023. Thus, the resort will become a new sightseeing. Such a place will attract additional international tourists during the World Expo 2025.

Four best international casino operators (Hard Rock International, Las Vegas Sands, Melco Crown, and MGM Resorts International) have already expressed their consent to become a part of the renewed gambling market during the 14th CLSA Japan Forum. The representatives confessed that they are ready to invest the construction. Soon the Japanese gambling market will show its new appearance.