3 Books That Will Boost Your Poker Skills

Poker is one of the most popular casino games. Today, you won’t find any gaming facility in Canada or in any other country that doesn’t offer this game.

There are several versions of the original poker, and each variation has a slightly different set of rules. If you ever tried to play poker, you would know that the rules of the game a quite simple and easy to understand. From the first glance, many inexperienced Canadian gamblers will say that all you need to do is to memorize all possible combinations and then count on your luck. But is it really that simple? Is it just a matter of luck or can you influence the outcome of the game? Well, there is no exact answer. Of course, just as any other card game, your success in poker depends on whether you were lucky enough to get a winning combination. However, that is just the top of an iceberg, and deep under the water lays another, equally important factor – your savvy, resourcefulness, experience and skills. Who said that you can’t win the bank with terrible cards? But to do so, you must demonstrate cunning approach to playing and convince your opponent that he has no chances of beating you.

Of course, it’s not as easy as it sounds. Being good at bluffing is not enough to become a professional poker player; it’s not the same as being good at poker. Many professionals were honing their skills for years and years; they learned how opponents react in one situation or another, discovered how to predict possible combinations of fellow players and how to act to become a winner. Moreover, every professional gambler knows how important it is to continue developing his skills and improving their strategy.

There are many different books to help beginners master all these techniques, and the majority of such sources are open to public online and often absolutely for free. Even more, books are released every month. But as you can guess not even a half of these books can be helpful for you in particular.

We’ve found the best poker books of all times and created the top 3 most useful sources list that will improve your game:

The Super System by Doyle Brunson

This book was published in 1979 and gained stunning success among all gambling lovers from different parts of the world. The Super System stays on the leading positions among the most helping books until today. Shortly after it gained popularity this book is considered as a must-have source for every self-respecting poker player. The name of its author – Doyle Brunson speaks for itself, as he is one of the greatest legendary poker players of all times. Brunson later regretted that he wrote this book because it became so helpful to all players that raised the level of the game too high. Doyle believed that this fact literally deprived him of many millions.

In his book Brunson offers players to use a so-called “power poker”, which is an aggressive style of playing. As an addition to Doyle’s opinion and vision, the Super System also involves some advice from other well-known professionals like Mike Caro, Chip Reese, and Bobby Baldwin.

The Poker Mind-Set by Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger

The Poker Mind-Set will be another excellent source to gain additional knowledge. Authors present more deep consideration of what poker is and why some people can’t succeed in it. With this book, you will look at this game from an entirely different perspective. It doesn’t give many details according to the strategy, but it explains the connection between your mental condition, psychology, and game.

With this source, you’ll find the right view of poker, which will help you to improve your results. A reader finds out that only a good strategy is not enough to win because as live people we all have emotions and feelings that sometimes get in our way. Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger will teach you how to analyze the opponent’s thinking, reconciled with loss-making period and fails, and finally – how to maintain psychological stability.

The Ace On The River by Barry Greenstein

The last but not least important book in our top 3 is The Ace on the River. This book will be a good start your poker career and grow into professional. The biggest advantage of this source is that it uses simple language, and it’s easy to understand. Barry Greenstein is a famous professional poker player with a flawless reputation. An interesting fact is that Greenstein is not only a great gambler but also a very generous person; he was called a “Poker Robin Hood” because he regularly gives huge wins for charity. In his book, he tells readers different life stories to show on examples his points, and also in this book he shares his own way from the beginner to a poker star.